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Anonymous asked: Jon didn't call anybody retarded, he literally said he thinks that the idea of "U NEED 2 NO SAY BAD WORD" is retarded. And the fact that people got upset with that is retarded.

first of all, yeah he did. second of all, i don’t see how any of that is much better.  retarded is an actual slur that has actually been used to insult people with actual disabilities beyond their control, it’s not a great word to toss around to describe anything you find ridiculous or strange.  people have a reason to be upset with that.  it’s not that hard to replace “that’s retarded” with something like “that’s silly” or “that’s fucking stupid.”

Anonymous asked: You raise a good point, but what I meant was he MAY have gotten a bunch of people spitting on him even before he replied (I may be wrong), and that may have prompted his extra bad response. If he didn't have that kind of initial reaction then it's all on him. Btw, if you want I can come off anon and talk to you privately. Thanks for your replies earlier.

ah ok, your point is more clear. but even if that was the case, it still wouldnt have been right for him to respond with that kind of tone at all, bitter or not.  also no problem, id gladly continue the conversation off anon if you have any more things to say (im actually about to sleep  right now but i’ll still do my best to get back to you) i understand the whole jon drama thing is getting tiring for a lot of people and are trying to just drop it and accept everything that happened so far as how it is and how it will be, jon included. but hey, i live for talking about how much someone disappointed me (that was like half sarcasm and half sincere, id still be glad to continue the conversation in private haha)

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also anon it maaaaay havent been your intention, but mentioning Tumblr Social Justice Warriors made it seem like it was their fault for blowing the situation out of proportion.  keep in mind in the initial situation started off with jon calls something the r slur, guy asks jon to not say the r slur, jon then calls the guy the r slur with many other replies from jontron fans saying things along the lines of “are u le offended??” and “TUMBLr is so oversensitive.” then Enter the SJWs. so whos fault is it, tbh

Anonymous asked: I feel like Jontron reacted poorly to what was probably a really huge backlash from the original tweet. As much as what he did after was terrible, he probably got flooded with poisonous PMs that were equally as bad. You've seen some of the bad SJWs on Tumblr. Arin handles things better though. Sorry to bother you.

i dont doubt at all that jon probably got actual threats out of all this (which i dont condone, if anything the only harm i wanted was toward his internet career but that damage has been done already) and i am aware of the extremists, on both sides of this whole argument.  but I honestly dont feel sympathy for jon.  like I can try, but it always goes down to the fact that in my head, “he’s a popular youtuber who faces this all the time and has learned not to care/brush it off.”  i’m not saying he deserves any threats he may be getting, but he does deserve people being angry at him.  whether we want to admit it or not, hes an influential person with a lot of fans, a lot of them who could be young and/or look up to him, and I do think this is a huge factor as to why hes getting all this heat.  his actions the past couple of weeks could teach the wrong idea to these kinds of people, and reinforce the crappy ideas people already have.  i was a big fan of jon before all this happened and I lost whooole lot of respect for him.  im just hoping at this point maybe he’ll grow up in time and learn better ideals/opinions. or better ways to express his ideals and opinions.  sorry if i skewed off on a tangent here. its 2 am, what am i doing typing this

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Hey guys, so a quick update on my situation, a friend of mine was able to help us pay for a trailer a while back, and I’ve been trying to get a new ID and get a job, but so far I haven’t had any luck with either. We’re going to need another $700 by the 5th of September to keep up our rent, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to be able to get it by ourselves, so while I hate to do it I need to ask for help again.

The $700 will cover our rent and utilities, so our water, electric, AC, etc. There’s a few churches in the area that might be able to help us out a little bit with some of the funds, but we still need to get as much as we can ourselves. My mom and I will both be going back to school and should be getting a grant/student loan but that’s going to take some time still. If we can pay the rent this month, we’ll be able to make it through ourselves from here on out.

There’s a Pitchin link on my blog (*WARNING: Autoplay*) if you want to help out. Another way you can help out is to reblog this and just spread the word, I’d really appreciate it.

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