Devildom String Orchestra - Wisdom of the World


Wisdom of the World - Devildom String Orchestra

[The original video can be watched here!]




I’d quit playing if this happened to me tbh





Sonic is at my local Game store ayy

The best part is the tag telling people not to climb on Sonic.

i’m really late for this but i wanted to draw something for the mother series’ birthday but im suffering a huge art block that i cant draw something super special meaningful for it but i just wanted to be real for a sec and say that I love the Mother series so much and it’s incredibly special to me. the games are such a unique experience and I always feel a sense of contentment whenever I play them.  It’s so much more than just a video game to me.  I thank the series for cheering me up with the smallest things, making me feel like an emotional wreck, and for being the reason why I have an overall almost insufferably positive outlook on life.  It’s a series I recommend endlessly to other people because I hope it has the same effect on them as it did to me.  Thank you Shigesato Itoi for making such a wonderful series and happy (belated) 25 years!


my blog needs more art so here’s an older Hiccup doodle :) might color it if I still like it by morning

hear it hurgling

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